Johnny D’s – Best Pizza in Baton Rouge

12 11 2009

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I promise I’ll continue to keep this up to speed from this point forward.  I wanted to take this opportunity to review by far the best pizza joint in the entire parish of Baton Rouge. 

Johnny D’s has been around Baton Rouge for a few years now – formerly Johnny DeAngelo’s off of Jones Creek, it moved locations to Coursey Blvd. about 5 months ago or so.  They specialize in New York style pizza and Italian cuisine.  Johnny is the owner/operator of the restaurant, and he is literally there almost every single day… whether it’s talking to customers, making the pizzas himself, or just walking around the restaurant, he’s great to interact with.  Now, on to the pizza…

Literally, this pizza melts in your mouth.  It’s made with a great dough base, the slices are humongous, and the toppings are all fresh and inspired with homemade seasonings.  They usually have a buffet running weekdays for $6.99, which includes all the pizza you can eat plus salad and a soft drink.  Now correct me if I’m wrong, but cardboard CiCi’s pizza charges about $5.50 for their buffet, and no drink… I promise, it’s worth the extra buck and a half to eat all you can of Baton Rouge’s best pizza joint.

Also, if you’re inclined to order from the menu during the buffet or visit Johnny D’s for dinner, you have to… I repeat, HAVE to… try the lasagna.  Probably the best lasagna I’ve ever had, and I’m a person who enjoys a nice plate of lasagna. 

Overall, Johnny D’s is a great atmosphere and a pleasant, inexpensive, truly delicious lunch or dinner out.  Swing by Johnny D’s anytime Sunday through Saturday, located at:

13214 Coursey Blvd.

Baton Rouge, LA  70816

(225) 756-5552

Swing by Mon-Fri for the $6.99 buffet and Johnny will make you a pizza if you don’t like what’s there… great service, great people, great food.  I HIGHLY recommend Johnny D’s.  Check it out today, or visit their website for more information on menu, operating hours, and location (TIP:  sign up for Johnny’s newsletter, he is always sending out specials on short notice and coupons for pizza):

 Johnny Deangelos New York Pizza Company‎ on Urbanspoon

Until next time…


Food Review: Tabasco

5 08 2009

While everyone may not know about Tabasco sauce, it’s certainly a noun that belongs in everyone’s vocabulary. I, for one, have gotten to a point where I refer to all hot sauces as “pass the Tabasco”. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Tabasco sauce is a brand of hot sauce made from Tabasco peppers, vinegar, and salt, and is aged in white oak barrels for three years. Owned by the Mcllhenney Company (headquarted in Louisiana’s own Avery Island), Tabasco has been around since the mid-1800’s, and has grown to become one of the world’s most popular brands of hot sauces. Since we always encourage people to buy local, Tabasco is definitely one of those purchases that keeps on giving and giving… and the beauty of it is that it feels right to put it on almost any food. The Tabasco website has some great recipes for all types of food, and you can find these recipes by going to the link below and clicking on “Taste Tent” at the Tabasco website.

Also, Tabasco is currently running a special promotion for online purchases. For a limited time, they are giving away free Tabasco Chipotle sauce and a basting brush with any $45 or more purchase on their website (use code: FPX). To check out what they have to offer and take advantage of this pretty slick deal, check out their website below. You can also find Tabasco products in pretty much any grocery store in Louisiana, and many stores carry Tabasco throughout the south and the United States.

The Bulldog

4 08 2009

Now I realize this is not about food nor is it about a delicious food recipe, but since this blog is still in its infancy I have decided to broaden the horizons a little and expand into bars, beer, drinks, and all that’s in between. Tonight I visited “The Bulldog”, which is a satellite location from the original in New Orleans. The Bulldog has at least a thousand types of beers on draft, and at least forty times that amount in bottles. I was able to try several beers I haven’t ever heard of, and some that I have (and they rhyme with mud bite). I have been here before, but I will say that the service is impeccable, the bartenders are informed, and the beer selection is as wide as you will find in Baton Rouge and/or New Orleans. Additionally, the food is some of the best bar/quick-service food you will find in town… the nachos were unreal (get them with chicken), and every one of the sandwiches rocked the house (I tried samples from each plate of the group). While I am a Bud Light kind of guy, I do recommend trying at least one new beer that sounds foreign but is actually a local beer and, while you’re at it, grab some chicken nachos and whatever else you can stuff in your stomach. Because when you’ve been drinking, it all tastes fantastic.


Bulldog = Highly Recommended
Food = Delicious
Beer = A Ton of Options
Atmosphere = Inside and Outside

Also, you can bring your dog as long as you stay outside with the dog. If you have to go inside to order a round of drinks, find a pretty lady to hold your dog (chicks dig dogs). I do highly recommend The Bulldog as a place to eat, drink, and drink. See you there soon.

The Bulldog
4385 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

The Bulldog on Urbanspoon

Bulldog Outside

The Cajun Review… huh?

1 08 2009

The Cajun Review is the brainchild of several men in the Louisiana area that have been brought up on boudin balls and raised by the Red Stick.  In the coming weeks you will see many posts from our staff that attempt to capture the “best and brightest” restaurants, eateries, and original food and drink suppliers within Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the surrounding areas. 

Additionally, you’ll learn tips and tricks on Cajun cookin’, recipes for wowing those out of town friends that are used to cold salami sandwiches from up north, and the best way to “pinch the tail and suck the head” so to speak… and if you have no idea what that means, just go ahead and press “Ctrl+D”, subscribe to our latest and greatest posts while you sit back, relax, and think about a Louisiana Saturday night.

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