The Bulldog

4 08 2009

Now I realize this is not about food nor is it about a delicious food recipe, but since this blog is still in its infancy I have decided to broaden the horizons a little and expand into bars, beer, drinks, and all that’s in between. Tonight I visited “The Bulldog”, which is a satellite location from the original in New Orleans. The Bulldog has at least a thousand types of beers on draft, and at least forty times that amount in bottles. I was able to try several beers I haven’t ever heard of, and some that I have (and they rhyme with mud bite). I have been here before, but I will say that the service is impeccable, the bartenders are informed, and the beer selection is as wide as you will find in Baton Rouge and/or New Orleans. Additionally, the food is some of the best bar/quick-service food you will find in town… the nachos were unreal (get them with chicken), and every one of the sandwiches rocked the house (I tried samples from each plate of the group). While I am a Bud Light kind of guy, I do recommend trying at least one new beer that sounds foreign but is actually a local beer and, while you’re at it, grab some chicken nachos and whatever else you can stuff in your stomach. Because when you’ve been drinking, it all tastes fantastic.


Bulldog = Highly Recommended
Food = Delicious
Beer = A Ton of Options
Atmosphere = Inside and Outside

Also, you can bring your dog as long as you stay outside with the dog. If you have to go inside to order a round of drinks, find a pretty lady to hold your dog (chicks dig dogs). I do highly recommend The Bulldog as a place to eat, drink, and drink. See you there soon.

The Bulldog
4385 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

The Bulldog on Urbanspoon

Bulldog Outside




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